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Who Is Behind Healthy Eating Centre?

Healthy eating centre is a place that aims to provide you with all the information that you would need with regards to a healthy eating lifestyle. This would be anything from how to eat healthy, the importance of eating healthy, eating disorders, fast food, soda and vegetable nutrition facts to just about anything you could think of when you hear the words "Healthy Eating". It has been said that what happens in your childhood, or the way you are raised up, in most cases, sticks with you when you grow up. And that "experience is the best teacher".

My personal experience was that of being brought up in a household that valued eating healthy. Even the manner in which food was prepared was, in most cases, healthy. I have loved cooking and baking since. And from a very tender age began understanding the nutritional benefits we can get from the various foods from each food group (of course in a child-friendly way!). Now, being a mother of two and another one on the way :), I have also desired to impart the same thing and even more to my family. And not just to them but all those who may visit this site. Healthy Eating Centre is centred on helping and guiding you on your healthy eating journey.

So whether you've already started on it or are yet to start on this journey, our goal is to assist and make this journey better to understand and simpler for you. And after all is said and done, to have you leading a healthy lifestyle that will bring more than satisfaction to you and to those around you too.

So here's to you on your healthy eating endeavour!

Should you want to contact us, have any contribution or question you may do so by clicking on our Contact Us tab.

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