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So You Want To Eat Healthy?

Healthy Eating is one of the things that are on the top of most people's lists. Some have the desire to but just don't have the know-how, some just aren't bothered. But hopefully after visiting this site,if you are part of the latter group, you WILL be bothered!In a generation and time where lives have become so busy and stressful, what we put in our mouths has been highly compromised.

From long hours in the office to picking up the kids from school and finishing the reports wanted by your boss to cooking up a healthy meal for the family, something has to give, and usually it's the meals.Or maybe you don't have any kids to pick up but your job itself is a lot of pressure. You hardly have time to sit and eat something decent at lunch and dinner isn't any different.

Because let's face it, if you are unmarried, cooking for just one person isn't much fun. Not forgetting the most important meal of the day- breakfast, maybe all you have is toast and coffee to set you up for your day. That kind of meal would not exactly be classified as healthy now would it? Eating healthy when you're on the go may be a challenge if you don't know how to do so. But we'll give you tips and ideas as to how you can accomplish it.

We're in a time where fast food is the easiest way out or for those who do try to fix up a meal from home, microwavable foods would be the next option. However, none of these are models of healthy eating, obviously! They will only lead to problems in the future, such as hypertension, childhood obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, the list is endless.

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Not to worry though, because, Healthy Eating Centre is here. We will cover all things pertaining to your well-being when it comes to eating from fast food nutrition facts, soda nutrition facts eating disorders, to healthy cooking recipes, vegetable nutrition facts and fruit nutrition. Even if one is vegetarian, or thinking of becoming a vegetarian, we also have you covered.

Most parents want the best for their children, in every aspect of life. So when it comes to health, why not set an example for them and set them off in the right path from their toddler-hood. Once they have their teeth set in on healthy eating, that will be the beginning of change in generations to come, and it would have started all because of you. Childhood obesity facts and the dangers of childhood obesity make it clear as to why we should do just that.

Healthy eating is important in so many ways. You will also find information on foods that affect your mood, foods that relieve pain, bodybuilding recipes and easy healthy holiday recipes, so not to worry, you will not put up more weight during the holiday seasons.... we're here to help.

So if you are set on making a change, not only in your life, but in the lives of those in your sphere of influence also, take a deep breath and purpose in your heart right now that this is the turning point in your life. Who says healthy eating means you cannot indulge in delicacies, who said it's all nutritious vegetables and fruits only? The secret is in the portions of food and having a balanced diet, and the food pyramid diagram helps us to accomplish just that.

So the journey begins now, tell yourself.... I'm going in!!

Healthy Eating Main Categories

Childhood Obesity

image placeholderChildhood obesity has become an epidemic across the globe. This category discusses the topic in detail including childhood obesity definition, causes, facts and effects, statistics, prevention and in America.


Definition Of Eating Disorder

image placeholderEating disorders are mainly characterized by extremes. This is either extreme dieting or extreme eating. This category discusses this topic in detail including the medical, APA and DSM definition of eating disorder.


Healthy Cooking Recipes

image placeholderIt is important to know how to prepare food in a healthy way. These recipes will help you to do just that. This category discusses the subject in detail including healthy cooking recipes for chicken, for beginners, for two, and for kids/children.



Diabetic Nutrition

image placeholderIt's crucial for diabetics to watch what they eat in order to maintain a stable blood sugar level. This section covers diabetic nutrition information, plan and guide. You will also get information on the low glycemic food list.



How To Eat Healthy

image placeholderMany of us today are searching for ways to eat healthy. With obesity fast on the rise, what we eat and how much we eat is also important. This section discusses this topic in detail and covers how to eat healthy in college, at work, on the go, on a budget, and lose weight, at McDonald's and at a Mexican restaurant.


Easy Holiday Recipes

image placeholderHolidays are a time to relax for most and enjoy the company of your loved ones. But what is a holiday without good, healthy food? This category includes quick easy holiday recipes and easy holiday recipes for kids. As well as thanksgiving holiday recipes, jewish holiday recipes and much more.


Diet For IBS

image placeholderIrritable bowel syndrome is a condition that causes a lot of discomfort for many people. However, diet may provide some relief and control. This category discusses this topic in detail and covers diet for IBS syndrome patients and sufferers with diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux, and flare up.



Becoming Vegetarian

image placeholderBecoming a vegetarian has many advantages. It is however important, as with any healthy eating diet, that you gather some basic information about it. This section helps you to get just that. It covers becoming vegetarian tips, side effects, benefits, diet, recipes and to lose weight.


Raw Food Diet Plan

image placeholderThe raw food diet is somewhat similar to a pure vegetarian diet. It's foundation are fruits and vegetables. There are also many health benefits that come with it. This section covers raw food diet plan, benefits, menu, recipes and weight loss.



Best Ways To Lose Weight

image placeholderMany of us have tried this and that to lose weight. We've been on diets and some even fast to lose weight. However, a healthy eating lifestyle is crucial when you want to lose weight. This category covers the best ways to lose weight fast, for men, after pregnancy, in college, without exercise, at home and gain muscle.


Eating Whole Foods

image placeholderWhole foods are foods that haven't been processed or had their vital nutrients removed. Eating whole foods is recommended in the healthy eating circles. This section includes eating whole foods diet, for health, to lose weight, on a budget, recipes and benefits of it.


Food Pyramid Diagram

image placeholderThe food pyramid diagram is one important tool in healthy eating. It helps us to eat a variety of foods and the quantities. This way we can avoid many of the health ills this generation is facing, such as obesity. This category covers the healthy food pyramid diagram, Australia and for kids.



Vegetable Nutrition Facts

image placeholderVegetables have always been said to be good for us. But why is it so? Vegetable nutrition facts will help us understand just why. This section includes the vegetable nutrition facts of fresh, frozen, cooked, steamed and raw vegetables.



Fruit Nutrition

image placeholderFruits like vegetables are also important to include in our healthy eating diet. They are loaded with a lot of minerals and nutrients. This category includes fruit nutrition information, facts,calories, list and chart.



Fast Food Nutrition Facts

image placeholderMost of us have become used to eating trans-fat-full fast food. The main reason being that it's convenient and yes of course... tastes good. But do we really know just what we are putting into our bodies? And the potential harm? There are however some healthy eating out options. This category covers fast food nutrition facts law, calculator, chart, comparison, KFC, McDonald's, Taco Bell and Chipotle.


Soda Nutrition Facts

image placeholderA lot of us have become hooked to soda pops, soft drinks. Some of them contain caffeine- no wonder we are addicted. These, as I'm sure you've heard about twenty million times are filled with sugar. This really is true. This category includes diet, sprite, surge, crush orange, club and cream soda nutrition facts.