Eating A Healthy Breakfast

Including Eating A Healthy Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Out, On The Go, For Kids and Ideas

Eating A Healthy Breakfast For Adults, For Kids and Ideas

image placeholderBreakfast is one of the most essential meals of the day. Health experts have found consuming a healthy breakfast can help one lead a healthy eating lifestyle. This is because breakfast (a healthy breakfast) normally chips in less than 20% of your daily calorie intake. At the same time, it provides you with a whooping 30% of your all important B-vitamins, Iron and Calcium.

That way, you'll have enough energy and nutrition, both mentally and physically to get you started in your day. In fact, research has found that if you skip breakfast, the missed nutritional benefits (Fiber, Calcium as well as certain minerals and vitamins) that you could have gain from having a healthy breakfast are, in most cases, rarely made up for during the rest of the day.

Because children are people who are still growing and developing, they need to have a healthy breakfast. It is more than crucial that they don't skip this meal. Children need calcium in order to promote the rapid growth and development of strong bones and teeth. If they don't get enough of this mineral, it may lead to them having brittle bones, tooth decay and in young girls it can lead late-puberty, irregular menstruation, etc. The importance of eating healthy, more so a healthy breakfast for children should not be down played.

Studies have shown that as compared to children who did not eat breakfast, those that did had a better concentration span, stayed alert longer, had higher test marks, had less absenteeism and generally performed better at school and had less disciplinary issues. Now which parent, guardian or teacher in their right mind wouldn't want this for their children? Cereal is one of the healthiest and easiest things that you can when you're planning on eating a healthy breakfast. Well, if you know which ones to choose! That is why reading the cereal nutrition facts panel on the cereal box is important. That way you will know just how much of the minerals, vitamins and nutrients you'll be taking in. You need to pay special attention to the sodium, cholesterol, total fat and sugar content. Too much of these could have adverse effects on your health.

image placeholderDue to the rising need of eating healthy, many manufacturers are trying by all means to produce healthier cereals with less sugar, sodium and total fat, as these are the very same things that people are trying to keep in a minimum. Most cereals are low in calories and are a good source of Iron, Niacin, Zinc, Thiamin, Folate, Vitamin A and Vitamin B6 amongst many others.

Oatmeal nutrition facts have shown that it also is another great breakfast food. It however is sad to note that though it is nutritionally loaded, only a few individuals eat it. The good thing about giving oatmeal to your children whilst they are still tots is that they will acquire the taste whilst they are still young and can carry on with it into their adulthood.

Other examples for eating a healthy breakfast ideas for kids include fruits, 100% fruit juice with no sugar added, yogurt, a fry up of mushrooms, tomatoes and eggs or bran muffins. And don't forget the whole grain, whole wheat or whole meal bread. Creativity matters here, so just let it flow, You can cook up something not only scrumptious but healthy too for the kids. A griddle pan is one of the most convenient things you can use to cook. The great thing about them is that you hardly need to add oil.

Eating A Healthy Breakfast Out/ On The Go and Ideas

image placeholderEating breakfast on the go has become one of the most popular things going on today. In a world where most of the people's schedules are hectic, they hardly have time to eat something in the morning. But the problem is that a lot of the people are not eating a healthy breakfast, especially when they are on the go.

They just grab the closest thing and their on their way. This leads to them over-eating at their next meal, be it lunch or a mid-morning snack. However, there are ways to still eat a healthy breakfast when you're on the go or eat out.

When eating a healthy breakfast on the go is what you normally do, or find yourself doing, try and stock some cereal bars or granola bars, these can come in handy. Remember to look at the nutrition facts and see if they are healthy. You can easily have these on the go, together with some fresh fruits. You could also eat a whole-grain tuna sandwich which will be rich in essential omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. You could also try a whole wheat bagels. Should you decide to go to Starbucks, you could try their pumpkin scone, bran muffin, decaf coffee, clover brewed coffee, Iced Skinny Flavored Latte or their perfect oatmeal. The list is endless really, just be sure to ask for and look at their nutrition facts.

Eating A Healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Ideas

Whilst eating a healthy breakfast is essential, skipping meals will not do you any good, especially if you think it'll help you to lose weight. Lunch and dinner are also important. However, it's what goes into the meals that make the difference. Your food serving size also plays an important role. If your food portions are too much, you are most likely to exceed your recommended calorie intake for the day (recommended according to your height, weight and activity levels).

image placeholderFor instance, if you are on a 2,000 calorie diet and for breakfast you eat mcdonald's medium french fries and sausage mcmuffin with egg together with Starbucks' hot chocolate, that will already be 1,200 calories. If for lunch you feel like Wendy's double baconator and a 12oz can of Pepsi, that's another 1,130 calories.

Or if you feel like KFC'S double down with OR fillet, coleslaw and the same 12 oz can of Pepsi, that will be 940 calories. For both these options of lunch you would have already exceeded your recommended calorie intake for the day. By the way, this excludes your supper and any snacks that you may have had during the day.

As you may have noticed, these are definitely and unhealthy meals. Whilst fast food may have its advantages, it's important not to overlook the fast food nutrition facts. They give us a guide as to what is in the meal and that way you will be in a better position to choose something healthier. The old adage "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper" can give you a rough guideline as to how much you're supposed to eat at each of these meals and the importance thereof. A high protein breakfast will give you a boost in your energy levels as well as keep you feeling fuller for longer. In fact, not only can you have a high protein breakfast, but you can also have a high protein lunch and supper.

This is probably one of the reasons why those who are trying to lose weight will opt for this kind of a meal, as they will help keep those hunger pangs at bay. They will of course need to incorporate some exercising as well. Eating a healthy breakfast for adults will more or less be the same as for kids. This would be your healthy cereal, muesli or oatmeal, fruits, bread, etc. For lunch, you can try some roast potatoes, roast chicken and steamed vegetables in season.

Finally for supper, one could have a fresh, crispy lettuce salad with grilled salmon. Remember to drinks lots of water. Avoid by all means sugar drinks such as soda pops. But if you really feel like having something fizzy you could have the sugar-free versions such as coke zero, sprite zero, diet coke, diet pepsi, etc. In between your meals you can snack on fruits, vegetables (dried, raw or juiced) or peanuts. In all that you eat, remember that moderation is key, so don't over do it!

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