Eating A Raw Food Diet

Covering Benifits and How to eat a raw food diet

Eating a raw food diet though not complicated is not an easy task. This means there is more effort required to follow a raw food diet than most people will realize. to give background, a raw food diet is a meal diet that only involves food consumed raw or in some cases food that has not been cooked exceeding a temperature of 118F or about 48 Degrees Celsius. It is essentially a vegetarian diet that thrives on organic fruits and vegetables nuts and seeds. There is a deliberate attempt in eating a raw food diet to stick with eating whole foods. These include whole grain foods and following a whole grain diet.

Raw Food DietIndividuals who eat a raw food diet prefer to eat whole foods which have not only been processed but also are grown organically without any chemicals and pesticides which my contaminate food. As you set out to eating a raw food diet it is important to remember that there is no single formula. In most cases different individuals follow their own bodies in determining how far to go with their raw food diet. This makes it possible to be 80 percent, 70 percent or even 50 percent raw food. The benefits of raw food diet are various which includes reduced risk of chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.

Eating a raw food diet has been used by many people in an attempt to have a smoother skin and promote anti-aging goals. This makes raw foodism as it is also known an important but not only part of eating healthy. When starting out on your raw food diet there is some basics that you will need to keep in mind. How far you pursue your raw diet on a day to day basis is also a function of these basics. To begin with eating a raw food diet in winter may prove to be problematic for those starting out considering that most ingredients are out of season. This can easily become frustrating and lead to abandonment of your quest.

Preparing a raw meal takes a bit of effort as it involves a lot of pealing and cutting of your fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds to get the meal that you want. This happens on a daily basis and may take up much of your time if not well planned. It is particularly for this reason that many people on a raw food diet are not 100 percent. It takes a discipline to consistently prepare your day's meals. Yet some successful 100 percent raw food dieters have the food preparation already incorporated into their daily early morning routine.

Depending on how far you plan to go with eating a raw food diet, it will be necessary to clear your kitchen of all processed foods and snacks. These are usually canned foods high in sodium and fat. This helps in dealing with possible temptation that comes with having these foods close by. You may also consider replacing all your unhealthy beverages with water after or during a meal. These include your sodas and so on. You will have to consider totally avoiding fast food if you are to get really benefits from your raw food endeavors. Fast food nutrition facts reveal some damaging effects of fast food. Many people who eat raw food complain of losing their energy and vibrancy whenever they deviate to processed or fast food.

As you eat your raw food you might be interested to learn more about the food pyramid diagram, fruit nutrition, vegetable nutrition facts and the role of healthy eating as a natural cure for bad breath.

Yet another effective strategy when starting out on a raw food diet is to create your raw diet plan. This is what will guide you when it comes to what to buy at your local farmer's market. There are plenty raw food diet recipes that you might what to consider and pick from. Nothing is compulsory, plan what you eat based on what is available locally or even in your back garden. You my expand your raw food diet as you gain access to a variety of ingredients suitable for your raw diet.

VeggiesThere has been however some criticism of eating a raw food diet out of the concern that by sticking to a 100 percent raw diet individuals deprive themselves of other supplies needed by their bodies. This results in an imbalance. This argument is similar to the alkaline diet debate in which it is argued that eating acidic foods is bad for health and increases risk of cancer and heart disease. As a result individuals on an alkaline diet avoid dairy products, meats, and some fruits and vegetables. Some dietitians argue that this is actually harmful to the body in the long term. This is same concern that has been highlighted when it comes to eating 100 percent raw. It is however up to each individual to consult their dietitian to determine what's best for them.