Belly Fat Loss Tips

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Belly fat loss tips contained in this article are compiled in light of the serious concern that many individuals have over their weight particularly on the waistline. Belly fat is commonly known as pot belly or beer belly. In medical terms it is known as central obesity or abdominal obesity. Losing belly fat is very important in maintaining a well structured body but more importantly in drastically reducing the risk of suffering from a variety of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and hypertension. In fact studies have shown a very strong correlation between belly fat and cardiovascular disease.

In order to better understand the importance of belly fat loss, it is prudent to touch on certain terms that relate to belly fat. When a person has central obesity they essentially have a lot of what is known as visceral fat. This is fat packed between internal organs and torso occurring in the belly area. This is how belly fat puts us at high risk of certain chronic diseases. The other type of fat is known as subcutaneous fat occurring just below the skin and tends to be well spread across the body. In loosing belly fat the focus is on loss of visceral fat.

Belly Fat Loss Foods and Diet

belly fatOne of the most effective ways of losing belly fat is through a healthy diet. Most people especially those in the middle ages of late 30s, 40s and 50s tend to have abdominal obesity. The main cause is traced back to the food that people eat. Most people who eat unhealthy tend to develop a pot belly. The best way to flatten your belly is through maintaining a strict diet of healthy foods. These foods are essentially a whole foods diet which may include whole grain foods. In fact studies show that eating whole grain foods is a very important step in belly fat loss.

Naturally when we take action to lose weight we tend to start the weight loss by losing our belly fat. This makes any form of effort to lose weight target our bellies. In fact studies show that up to 95 percent of people who lose weight begin by losing belly fat. To lose your belly fat make an effort to eat a diet full of whole grains. Combined with adequate servings of fruits and vegetables whole grains tend to help in belly weight loss. Refined foods take away this tremendous outcome in belly fat loss. Top researchers claim that visceral fat associated with belly fat is actually much easier to lose than subcutaneous fat once the right conditions are met which have to do with what we eat.

Attempting to trim your belly whilst eating refined foods as been shown to be detrimental to your cause. Refined foods tend to end in elevated blood sugar levels which in essence has been shown to facilitate the depositing of fat more readily. High blood glucose levels are at the center of chronic diabetes. Some claims such as those contained in the book The Flat Belly Diet suggest that when we maintain a 1600 calorie belly fat food diet we can lose belly fat. This belly fat diet has to be rich in monounsaturated fatty acids also known as MUFAS instead of eating a diet that is rich in carbohydrate. The following foods supply MUFAS;

- Canota oil
- Nuts i.e peanuts and walnut
- Seeds and oils from seeds
- Chocolate
- Avocados
- Soybeans

Some studies show that individuals who had a belly fat loss diet more in MUFA had their abdominal fat concentration fall even without ant exercise. Should you decide to go on a MUFA diet just ensure that you are not allergic to some of the foods. Its best to take your fats as part of a healthy meal such as a salad with plenty veggies with a dressing of one of the oils. A significant number of people are allergic to nuts and will have to exclude nuts from this belly fat loss diet.

Belly Fat Loss Exercises and Workouts

belly fat loss aerobicsIn as much as some studies as stated above have suggested loss of belly fat using only a diet rich in MUFAS, it is absolutely necessary to have some workouts. In fact most people develop abdominal obesity or belly fat due to a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise is essential in keeping a trimmed belly. It is also an effective way combined with eating healthy to reverse a pot belly.

It is for this reason that you must eat healthy with a controlled diet supported by a 60 minute workout on a daily basis. Many people who are involved in aerobic type of exercise tend to have a slimmer waistline. You may consider engaging in exercises such as brisk walking, swimming and playing sport. Generally speaking the harder you exercise the greater the benefits in the context of fat loss.

As you are thinking about exercise it is worthwhile to note here that doing exercise before breakfast my just prove to be detrimental to your cause. Some studies suggest that doing exercise before breakfast will result in you eating more than you need to as your brain will signal that you are severely hungry. It is said in the study that exercising on an empty stomach will lower blood and muscle glucose significantly. More fat will burn but again your brain will put you under pressure to eat more. This is were there is the danger of over eating.

The following are some belly fat loss exercises that one can employ apart from those such as brisk walking;

- Leg lift exercise
- Stomach twisting
- Abdominal crunches
- Air cycling
- Knees in and out
- Sit ups

Learning more about how to lose belly fat is practically beneficial in the context of childhood obesity. Also learn more about vegetable nutrition and fruit nutrition facts.

Belly Fat Loss Pills And Supplements

Millions of people worldwide are keen to find easier ways of losing belly fat without having to follow the tried and tested method of eating healthy and regular exercise. It is for this reason that tens of weight loss pills and supplements have emerged on the market. Not all of the pills and supplements are rigorously tested. May of these products range from being ineffective to being outright dangerous.

They often function by depressing one's appetite thereby influencing how much we eat. Some yet claim to increase calories burned and having the ability to build muscles. These belly fat loss pills and supplements may contain side effects such as liver damage. The long recommended method of trimming your belly fat is eating whole foods and lifestyle changes accompanied by regular exercise.